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Our Story

We had a revelation – an innovative approach to employee benefits that alters the landscape. Hixme was conceived by a group of industry experts to provide companies with a strategic Health Benefits plan built for you.


The Strategy

Hixme is a technology enabled Health Benefits company that has created a more intelligent pathway; one that diverts from the current messy, expensive, dead-end route to one that is elegantly simple.

Our team collaborates with you to implement and guide your company through a strategic plan of migration to the individual market that accommodates your specific needs.


Your Opportunity

We looked at the big picture and saw that employers recreate their company health plans and employee benefit choices, year after year, expecting lower costs and increased employee satisfaction.

Unfortunately, the results are increased financial risks and wasted time spent on issues completely unrelated to their core businesses. This environment demands a shift in mindset.


Our Solution

The Hixme way is simple. We collaborate. We strategize. We guide your company along the path to migration.

By becoming entrenched in the nuances of your organization, we develop a strategy to manage a plan of migration. This strategy commences from exactly where you currently are, and embraces a time frame that maximizes value for you and your employees. Once implemented, our platform enables each employee to plug into a new, completely portable national benefits system.

We’re here to get you out of the Health Benefits business, so you can focus on something more valuable – your business.

We are changing the landscape of Health Benefits.

The Team

Hixme. Built by industry leaders who believe that there is a better way of delivering Health Benefits to employees.

Denny Weinberg

Denny Weinberg

Dan Peate

Dan Peate

VP Sales & Marketing
Amir Pirnia

Amir Pirnia

VP Engineering
Karen Albanese

Karen Albanese

VP Product and Operations
Erik Wissig

Erik Wissig

VP Finance & Strategic Relations

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