We create quality benefit programs
that enrich the lives of your employees.

We create quality benefit programs
that enrich the lives of your employees.


Are you an employer?

Are you an employee?

Better benefits.

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Benefit enrollment
made easy.

One login, all your benefits and health info in one place, with easy admin.

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Save time and
save money.

Custom cost-savings health plans, tailored to your unique needs.

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are optimized.

Employer contributions automated to reduce administrative burden.

Intelligent recommendations for each employee.

Hixme recommends the best plans based on each employee so that they can make their choice easily and efficiently.

Increase savings for both employers and employees.

Empower your workforce with Hixme and let Employees choose how much they spend and how much they save.

Free your employees from group insurance.

Despite what we have heard for years, group insurance does not result in lower premium costs for health coverage. Lower premiums are achievable when each employee can purchase their own coverage, freed from the limitations of group insurance.

“I get pretty excited about the potential of this paradigm shift! Hixme is freedom—liberty.”

Tony Cost, VP, HR – Silgan Containers

“Hixme alleviates the process of group medical; making it easier for the employer and more personal for the employee.”

Timothy Hill, CFO, Raleigh Enterprises

I’m an employer.

I’m a CEO, Financial Officer, in HR management, etc.


I’m an employee.

I want health benefits that offer true choice.