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Fatigued by yet another double digit health insurance increase?

Companies and their employees pay more and more every year for healthcare that covers less and less.
Brokers face the same challenges as they work to help clients get the greatest return on health care spend in an environment of perpetually increasing rates.

Hixme solves this by offering companies and brokers the same or better coverage for lower costs. Employers reduce costs by 10-20% while employees get more choices of similar (and even better) plans. Brokers get a powerful retention tool.


If you are tired of overpaying for health insurance, unwilling to sacrifice plan quality for savings, and are ready to empower your employees with plan options for them, then we would love to partner with you.

When American business talks about taxes strangling our competitiveness... they’re talking about something that as a percentage of GDP has gone down from 4% to 2%, while medical costs, which are borne to a great extent by business, have gone from 5% to 17%...

Medical costs are the tapeworm of American economic competitiveness.

- Warren Buffett


and traditional group health care is getting left behind.

Following payroll, health insurance is likely your company's second largest line item, but companies often aren't getting the value they are paying for, and it's getting worse every year as costs rise.

At Hixme, we saw an opportunity to make health insurance more flexible and affordable without compromising on quality, by connecting large employers to the individual health insurance markets.


Cost savings to employers and employees, the right coverage for each employee and dependent, and an effective solution for brokers as they seek to find clients a better way to control health care spend without compromising on quality.



When your company partners with Hixme, a fundamental economic shift takes place: you move from a small risk pool made of your employees to a large risk pool made of the entire individual health insurance market in your state (Fortune 500 scale stability). 

In insurance-speak, it is a shift from an experience-rated plan to a community-rated plan. This typically leads to a meaningful -- and sometimes significant -- reduction in healthcare costs.



Leadership Team

Rodney Gibson


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20+ years of startup experience


Operations Management, Oscar Health

VP Business Development, TriNet

Billy Montgomery

Director of Technology

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12+ years in technology innovation


Innovation & Software Dev, PetSmart

VP Research & Dev, Telescope

Lloyd Brenner


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25+ years of finance and accounting


Director of Finance, Thomson Reuters

Director of Accounting and Finance, Intuit

Controller, Microsoft Capital Corp

Paula Chermela

Director of HR

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18+ years of

employee relations

and compliance

Peter Wells

Chief Growth Officer

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25+ years of sales leadership


Seasoned start-up Executive

3 IPOs with category creating companies

Tammy Olson

Chief Client Operations

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20+ years of health care benefits leadership


Principal, Mercer Health and Benefits

National Account Executive, Anthem

Vice President, Marsh

Board of Directors


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Derek Newell

Castlight Health

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Castlight Health

CEO, Jiff

President, Robert Bosch Healthcare

Beth Seidenberg

Kleiner Perkins

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General Partner

Kleiner Perkins


Managing Director

Westlake Village BioPartners

Chris Kuenne

Rosemark Capital

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Founder & Managing Director

Rosemark Capital

Best-selling Co-Author, Built For Growth

Lecturer, Princeton University


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