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Hixme Launches Employer Health Cost Simulation Tool, Invites Broker Inquiry

Agoura HIlls-based Hixme and design collaborator Axene Health Partners (AHP) has launched BundleMe™, a high-tech, big data tool that finds the best core benefits and wraparound plans for each insured in groups 500 to 5,000. Companies routinely end up saving 10 to 20 percent on health benefits, according to Denny Weinberg, Hixme’s CEO and a former senior executive at Wellpoint. “Hixme’s platform delivers a very different and attractive model for large insurers, particularly those who may be starting to think about self funding,” says Weinberg. The two-year-old company is open to creating relationships and training opportunities for large group brokers. Contact the company through Hixme’s website.


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Hixme Announces Employer Health Cost Simulation Tool That Uses Complex Actuarial Modeling for Unique Consumer Driven Coverage Program


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JULY 2017


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Accomplished global sales leader Peter Wells joins Hixme as National Sales Vice President

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The Financial Revolutionist

A conversation with Hixme’s CEO Denny Weinberg

“…ways to finance and/or re-price health care will be on the rise, requiring innovative financial thinking. One such innovator is Denny Weinberg, CEO of Hixme, who is hard at work in breaking the conventional mold of health and employee benefits and replacing it with a new model that is portable, flexible and technologically advanced.”




2nd Round of Funding: Hixme raises $14 million to fix workplace benefits announcement was picked up by 200+ outlets from publications in finance, business services, insurance, technology, media and information sectors.


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Hixme raises $14 million to fix workplace benefits

“It’s right there in the company name: Hixme aims to put the “me” back into workplace benefits. … The round brings Hixme’s total financing to $26.6 million. The company will use the money to promote its “Hixme Bundle” product and its “Workplace Market” platform, as well as increase sales and expand the service to all 50 states.”


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Hixme announces $14.1M funding to make health insurance less frustrating.


Business Insider

BBVA’s $250 million fintech fund is backing a startup offering a ‘cafeteria-style menu’ for health insurance


Market Wired

Hixme Secures $14.1 Million Series B Funding, Led by Propel Venture Partners, BBVA’s Outside Venture Fund 

Leading technology company leaps forward to make worker-owned health benefits a reality


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Hixme raises $14.1 million to simplify healthcare for employers in wake of Affordable Care Act

“… Health fintech, according to KPMG, “has exploded with insurers actively competing head-on with banks, private equity firms and global technology companies to secure some of the latest technologies.” Since the healthcare sector remains one of the largest employers and industries in the globe, fintech companies have found a lot of room to maneuver in.

“Hixme offers employers a way to manage their employees’ healthcare under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in which an “employer pays for the plans, but employees have freedom of choice and the plans are portable.” The company’s cloud platform takes in medical and financial data from employees and their dependents for customizing benefit packages.”



BBVA invierte en la startup americana Hixme a través del fondo Propel


San Fernando Valley Business Journal

Agoura’s Hixme gets more funding

“Our core mission is to help individuals and organizations more creatively manage the financial risks associated with health care by redefining ‘coverage’ to be more than just health insurance.”
CEO Denny Weinberg


Bank Innovation

Top 3 Fintech Raises: Contest360, Hixme, MPower Financing

“It appears as though banks are getting just as intrigued with fintech as the rest of us; with two of the three rounds on our list being led by venture capital firms created by or for banks for fintech investment, which brings us to our top three fintech funding rounds …”


APRIL 2016


Los Angeles Business Journal

People on the Move


CIO Dive

Rise of the ‘self-taught’ developer disrupting recruiting, education



Health insurance software taps data analytics for plan ideas

“The Hixme cloud platform uses data analytics to recommend health insurance plans tailored individually to the needs of employees and then automates all payments.”


MARCH 2016


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7 Important Things Effective Leaders Do Every Day



The presidential candidate who might do the most for your healthcare is not who you think



Hixme Launches New Benefits Platform to Help Employers Break Free From Healthcare Brokers and Give More Choice to Employees / Kleiner-Backed Hixme’s New Benefits Platform Uses Advanced Data Analytics to Offer Employees Benefits They Actually Want.


Employee Benefit News

How to keep employees happy without breaking the bank


Employee Benefit News:

Hixme’s private exchange offers big employers options


Employee Benefit Adviser

How Hixme’s exchange offers big employers new options


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Hixme wants to shake up the employer health benefits model

“One reason we have runaway inflation in health insurance is that it has been a third party purchase,” Weinberg said. “When you are consuming something someone else is paying for you, people will [pay too much] and overuse it.

“… Weinberg predicts that in 10 years, group insurance won’t exist anymore and companies like Hixme will support the new normal.”



CFOs: How to Deliver Value During Times of Change – Hixme CFO Erik Wissig



Denny Weinberg: Big employers can send workers to individual health market


Healthcare Reform Watch

Denny Weinberg: Big employers can send workers to individual health market


CFO Thought Leader Podcast

Redefining the Health Benefits Landscape, Erik Wissig, CFO, Hixme,


Let’s Talk Payments

28 InsuranceTech Companies That Are Shaking up the Trillion-Dollar Healthcare Industry



Cruz plan would ‘delink’ employers and health coverage




CB Insights:

US Health Insurance Tech Funding Tops $1.2B In 2015




The American Genius

Hixme reimagines healthcare benefits under Obamacare

“… Recognizing that a new way of handling employee health benefits must be conceived and implemented, Hixme has developed a technology platform that allows employers to fund their employees in an ACA compliant private exchange. Employers pay for the plans, but employees have freedom of choice and the plans are portable. … employees end up with plans that are better suited for their individual or family situations and they get a morale boost in the process. Companies experience savings and enjoy the ability to invest funds more directly into employee compensation and additional benefits.”